Classroom management is the keystone of a functioning learning environment. Without it, nothing gets done. Any teacher could tell you that the profession is full of curveballs. Sometimes it feels like planning is a poor use of time since a day in the classroom is naturally full of diversions from the norm. 

However, the right learning technologies can bridge the gap between well-thought-out teaching objectives and the inevitable hurdles that students will face. Challenges and differences in student progress are healthy features of every learning experience, but the right tools can empower both teachers and students to come out of the lesson feeling confident about the content and welcome in the classroom. 

The Best Classroom Management Tool is Engagement

A lot of time and effort goes into lesson planning. A large chunk of that effort centers around how you’ll keep students engaged and clear from distraction. But things usually don’t go as planned, right? It’s a struggle that has existed as long as there have been teachers. Despite technology introducing an abundance of distractions into the 21st-century classroom, EdTech done right harnesses technology to enhance classroom engagement.

Boardworks turn-key interactive lessons were designed with engagement in mind. Classroom management simply blends into the lesson if the associated activities are engaging for students. The team at Boardworks is comprised of veteran educators with real classroom experience. We’ve experienced firsthand the difference between engaging lessons and what happens when things don’t go as planned. What’s the solution? Being able to push relevant content to students based on individual needs ensures that no student is left out. Better yet, Boardworks provides an integrated platform for all students to progress toward a common goal, regardless of whether they are struggling, on-level, or working ahead.

Gauging Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

Educational disparities have emerged out of recent student performance data. It’s not surprising considering the different learning modalities of students. Teachers know that students prefer varied ways of accessing content based on their learning styles. The harsh reality is that much of what has been done to differentiate instruction was thrown out the window for long stretches of remote learning. Schools need an all-inclusive solution to address disparities before irreparable harm is done to the educational futures of students.

We’ve all learned a lot about the past, present, and future of education over the last two school years, but we can’t turn back time to reverse the chaos of 2020. What we can do is harness next-generation tools to get everyone back on track as soon as possible. Boardworks allows teachers to push relevant content to individuals in remediation, to students ready to work ahead, and those progressing on-level. In the past, meeting these challenges required meticulous planning to build the right differentiation strategies to reach every student where they’re at. Now, educational technologies can support teachers with built-in differentiation strategies and custom student monitoring via valid assessments.

Here’s how Boardworks harnesses technology to reach students across the learning spectrum:

  • Expertly planned activities and assessments take the pain out of figuring out how to stage and present a lesson effectively
  • Pre-assessments and checks for understanding are thoughtfully placed throughout each unit so that students and teachers alike can keep track of learning successes and challenges
  • Created with ease of use in mind, Boardworks enables teachers to push relevant content to students in remediation with seamless integration of a school’s preferred Learning Management System (LMS)
  • True ease of access means that your lessons, activities, and assessments are never hidden behind a forgotten password so that instructional time is used as intended
  • Differentiated, customizable content for any situation – Turnkey resources include engaging content for struggling and high-achieving students alike
  • Includes valid assessments – Following COVID, schools are preparing to test students heavily to monitor their return to uninterrupted learning
  • Provides teachers with reports that detail what content students are struggling with, so challenges can be addressed before it’s too late
  • Options for students – Interventions with Boardworks include more than one method for students to revisit the content and if desired, learn or review the material a different way

Learning Should Be Engaging with Measurable Success

Effective instruction can only be measured through assessment, but not all assessments are the same. Following COVID, schools need proven strategies to reign in inequities in the classroom without burdening students with more standardized tests. Packed with the ultimate differentiation tools and easily accessible by teachers and students, Boardworks is a turnkey solution to the challenges facing education as we climb out of the pandemic and into a world where digital learning is here to stay.

Download our white paper, How to Leverage Existing Technology Investments to Address Education Challenges to learn more about how Boardworks helps address these challenges both in the classroom and remotely.