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Built with ease of use in mind, Boardworks is a turn-key library of interactive resources to enrich K-12 instruction. You can seamlessly integrate our highly interactive and customizable activities into your classroom and online lessons.

Boardworks was founded in 2000 by a classroom teacher in London looking to support fellow teachers with engaging content.  As technology began to appear in more and more classrooms throughout the UK, Boardworks supported teachers with the transition from whiteboards and textbooks to more engaging teaching and learning using projectors and the newly launched interactive whiteboards.  Boardworks quickly became a hit with teachers as schools continued to invest in technology for the classroom and they needed turn key, easy-to-use content to transition to a new way of teaching.


Where We Are Now

After working with over 85% of secondary schools within the UK, Boardworks looked to support teachers globally with partnerships in over 65 countries benefiting from our content.  This led to our first international office based in New York City in 2011 and the start of an exciting journey to serve teachers and students in the US.  We couldn’t be happier to stay true to our founders vison of helping all teachers deliver effective instruction through the use of technology, 20+ years later.  We are proud to support teachers across the whole of the US in many varying settings and circumstances such as public, private, alternative, special education, corrections, adult ed, technical colleges and many more.  Boardworks launched a new online platform in 2020 to help teachers reach more students with engaging content to support effective instruction – no matter the place or time.  Teachers will always have a pivotal role in learning and achievement for students no matter the advancements in technology and at Boardworks we strive to foster that all important teacher/student connection through our K-12 library of interactive content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can teachers start using Boardworks at any point during the school year?

As Boardworks is a turnkey library of interactive slides to supplement your existing lesson plan and curriculum, teachers can start accessing and benefiting from our resources at any time during the year.

Can Boardworks be purchased for an individual teacher?

No, Boardworks is purchased with a school or district-wide license for access by all teachers to help drive consistency. Teachers, please bring Boardworks to your school or district admin if you are interested in using it for your classroom.

What kind of content does Boardworks offer?

Boardworks provides access to a library of interactive content across K-12 in Math, ELA, Science, and grades 6-12 in History.

How long will it take to train teachers on Boardworks?

Boardworks was designed by teachers for teachers with ease of use and simplicity in mind.  We make starting Boardworks super easy with turnkey implementation, an intuitive teacher platform, a familiar slideshow format, and no student logins to worry about.  Allow every teacher to easily get started at any part of the school year without the need for overly complex and time-intensive PD.  We provide short video tutorials for guidance as well as free PD by former teachers when required.

What are the different ways Boardworks can be used?

Boardworks offers a vast library of curriculum-aligned K-12 resources that can be utilized in teacher-led instruction in the classroom, as asynchronous materials for students to complete independently, or as differentiated materials to support individualized instruction. Presentations are customizable, allowing teachers to seamlessly integrate materials into in-class lessons, homework, and for individual students.

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