March 10, 2016



Bring ELA to life with Boardworks

Ideal for learners of all ages K-12, Boardworks English resources give you everything you need to bring English Language Arts to life, with quality, ready-to-teach presentations and animations for your classroom technology.


Dynamic teaching resources


Explore English with engaging and varied teaching material, like exciting interactive activities, dynamic animations, summary quizzes and games. With over 400 bite-sized presentations, Boardworks gives you everything you need to teach exciting, inspirational lessons.


Curriculum coverage


ES English: Common Core

MS English: Common Core

English Grammar and Skills Toolkit

HS English: Common Core

Romeo & Juliet


The Tempest

Much Ado About Nothing

Richard III

To Kill A Mockingbird

The Crucible

Of Mice and Men

Lord of the Flies


Mapped to state standards and the Common Core

All presentations are logically structured and enhanced with a wide range of material to ensure you get the most out of your lessons. Typical slides combine the main points for teaching, clearly conveyed, with relevant illustrative material.


Time-saving and ready-to-teach


Boardworks lessons are ready-to-teach, saving you and your colleagues precious time. Dynamic, step-by-step animations help explain complex processes and theories in an appealing and informative way.


English content by product

Elementary School English

Reading Literature 1
Reading Literature 2
Reading Literature 3
Reading Multimedia
Reading Non-Fiction 1
Reading Non-Fiction 2
Analyzing Non-Fiction
Reading Non-Fiction 3
Writing Opinions 1 (prev. Writing Your Opinion)
Research Projects 1
Writing Opinions 2 (prev. Writing Opinion Texts)
Creative Writing (prev. Writing Creative Texts)
Research Projects 2
Presenting 1
Presenting 2
Presenting 3
Grammar Activities 1
Grammar Activities 2
Grammar Activities 3
Grammar Activities 4
Grammar Activities 5
Grammar Activities 6

Middle School English

Themes in Literature
Plot, Characters and Setting
Language in Literature
Structure in Literature
Point of View in Literature
Literature in Production
Comparing Literature
Comparing Literature 2
Central Ideas in Non-Fiction
Analyzing Elements in Non-Fiction
Word Choice in Non-Fiction
Structure in Non-Fiction
Point of View in Non-Fiction
Media Literacy
Assessing Arguments
Comparing Non-Fiction
Writing to Argue
Writing to Inform
Creative Writing
Using Technology
Research Skills
Speaking and Listening
Analyzing Information

High School English

Textual Analysis and Using Evidence
Themes and Ideas
Narrative Structure
Language in Literature
Point of View
Comparative Literature 1
Comparative Literature 2
Analyzing Informational Texts 1
Non-Fiction Craft and Structure 1
Critical Reading
Analyzing Informational Texts 2
Non-Fiction Craft and Structure 2
Analyzing Historical Documents
Writing to Argue
Writing to Inform
Introducing Creative Writing
Practicing Creative Writing
Collaborative Writing
Research Projects
Speaking and Listening
Standard English

Modern Literature

Of Mice and Men
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Crucible
Lord of the Flies


Romeo & Juliet
The Tempest
Much Ado About Nothing
Richard III