What subjects does Boardworks support?

Boardworks provides a substantial library of interactive content across the four major subject areas of Math, ELA, Science and History. K-12 math content covers all disciplines from elementary to high school. Science covers a range of topics for elementary and middle school,  biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Interactive ELA presentations cover materials from K-12, as well as supplements for English Grammar & Skills, and selected works from Modern Literature and Shakespeare. Middle school and high school history materials cover World History from Ancient Civilizations to the Emergence of the Modern World and US History from Early Colonization to America in the 2000’s.

How do students access Boardworks content?

Logins are not required to access content within the Boardworks platform. Teachers can create and share presentation codes with students that are accessible in any web browser. Boardworks integrates directly into Google classroom, and content can also be easily shared to other Learning Management Systems. Content can be customized and presented in teacher-led lessons or asynchronously. Because of this flexibility, teachers can choose how Boardworks integrates into their lessons without worrying about student access or password management.

Can Boardworks be used on any device?

Boardworks presentations are offered in HTML5 and displayed through web-browsers, meaning they can be shared with students on any 1:1 device that is connected to the internet. Boardworks has been tested on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and iPads and is supported in Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

How much does Boardworks cost?

Boardworks is available for a one-time purchase price. A small annual technology fee is assessed to account for inclusion of new features that include content and platform updates, cloud hosting, data analytics and more. Reach out to a Boardworks representative to learn more or schedule a demo to see the platform in action.

What types of interactive lessons does Boardworks offer?

Boardworks offers a library of thousands of standards-aligned activities across the four major subject areas. These activities are easy to customize, and are designed for the specific needs of teachers across subject areas. Interactive activities, dynamic animations, summary quizzes, and games help bring lessons to life.

Does Boardworks save time for teachers in lesson planning?

Yes! This is one of our customers’ most popular reasons for purchasing Boardworks.

The Boardworks library of standards-aligned presentations provides turnkey lesson materials that can be customized to match the individual needs of teachers across grade levels. New teachers without established lesson plans or those teaching new subject areas or grade levels for the first time can build on a foundation of inspirational activities from the Boardworks library.

What are the different ways Boardworks can be used?

Boardworks offers a vast library of curriculum-aligned K-12 resources that can be utilized in teacher-led instruction in the classroom, as asynchronous materials for students to complete independently, or as differentiated materials to support individualized instruction. Presentations are customizable, allowing teachers to seamlessly integrate materials into in-class lessons, homework, and for individual students.

Does Boardworks support differentiated instruction?

The large library of standards-aligned K-12 presentations and activities can be customized and shared with individual learners to provide differentiated instruction at every grade level. Teachers can quickly draw from the Boardworks library of more than 25,000 activities to meet individual student needs.

What kind of visuals does Boardworks offer?

Boardworks is designed to be an engaging, interactive supplement to traditional instruction. Presentations feature engaging visual components including animations, interactive drag and drops, formative assessments, and all-in-one presentations for math, science, ELA, and history classes.

Is Boardworks effective for distance learning?

Remote and distance learning pose particular challenges to teachers who must build and deliver new types of lesson plans. Boardworks provides an easy-to-use supplement to help teachers quickly fill gaps and support students in distance learning environments. The flexibility to shift between at-home and in-person instruction with Boardworks presentations allows it to fit into teacher lesson plans seamlessly.

What does the onboarding process look like for Boardworks?

Boardworks is designed with ease-of-use in mind to ensure teachers can start drawing on the large library of interactive presentation materials as soon as possible. Most customers are up and running within 24 hours after purchase. With a turnkey approach to implementation, an intuitive teacher platform, familiar PPT-style slideshow format that most teachers will recognize and be able to work with, and no student login requirements, teachers can start using Boardworks at any time during the school year without extensive professional development. To support seamless integration of Boardworks into your district, we offer video tutorials and free professional development provided by former educators when needed.

How do you personalize learning experiences with Boardworks?

Within the Boardworks interface, teachers can quickly change the order of slides in a presentation, show or hide slides that are relevant to a particular lesson, and add new slides. Customization options ensure teachers can match Boardworks content to their lessons and the needs of their students seamlessly. Teachers can import slides from PowerPoint and Google Slides, and record their own voice for students to listen to when using Boardworks content asynchronously.

Do you provide professional development training?

Boardworks provides complimentary professional development training, run by former teachers and educators for all new customers. From teacher training to support with new features or integration of Boardworks into existing systems, our team will support yours in getting the most out of the platform.

Can Boardworks be used for GED instruction/adult education?

Boardworks offers extensive high school curriculum support for math, science, english, and history, supporting GED instruction and adult education. Boardworks has been successfully used in a number of adult education programs. Read more about how Boardworks has integrated with Georgia Piedmont Technical College’s adult education offerings in Atlanta as part of a statewide purchase by the Technical College System of Georgia.

Can Boardworks be used for hybrid learning?

Boardworks offers an easy-to-use turnkey curriculum support solution for teachers across modalities. Because teachers can flexibley switch between teacher-led instruction and asynchronous or small group student-led instruction, Boardworks presentations and activities seamlessly integrate into hybrid learning programs.

Are you a current customer looking for support?

Visit our Teacher Support Page for Teacher support, or our Administrator Support Page for School and District Administrators