October 20, 2016



Bring history to life with Boardworks

Boardworks History provides a growing range of interactive resources to accompany your students through high school. Whatever your teaching style, you'll find a wealth of great ideas to help you teach with confidence and success.


Dynamic teaching resources

Explore history with engaging and varied teaching material, like exciting interactive activities, dynamic animations, summary quizzes and games. With hundreds of bite-sized presentations, Boardworks gives you everything you need to teach exciting, inspirational lessons.


Mapped to state standards

All presentations are logically structured and enhanced with a wide range of material to ensure you get the most out of your lessons. Typical slides combine the main points for teaching, clearly conveyed, with relevant illustrative material.


Time saving and ready to teach

Boardworks lessons are ready-to-teach, saving you and your colleagues precious time. Dynamic, step-by-step animations help explain complex processes and theories in an appealing and informative way.


History contents by product

World History

Absolutism in Europe part 1
Absolutism in Europe part 2
Absolutism in Europe part 3
Absolutism in Europe part 4
African Empires
Ancient Chinese Beliefs
Ancient Chinese Culture
Ancient Chinese Tech and Trade
Ancient Egyptian Beliefs
Ancient Egyptian Culture
Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs
Ancient Greek Achievements
Ancient Greek Development and Decline
Ancient Mesopotamian Beliefs
Ancient Mesopotamian City States and Empire
Ancient Mesopotamian Culture
Asian Dynasties
Asian Expansion and Empires
Aztec Empire
Conflict and Independence part 1
Conflict and Independence part 2
Conflict and Independence part 3
Conflict and Independence part 4
Conflict and Independence part 5
Daily life in Ancient Egypt
Decline of the Roman Empire
Democracy and Progress part 1
Democracy and Progress part 2
Democracy and Progress part 3
Democracy and Progress part 4
Eastern Europe and Russia
Enlightenment and Revolution part 1
Enlightenment and Revolution part 2
Enlightenment and Revolution part 3
European Expansion
Feudal Society in the Middle Ages
Foundations of Ancient Greece
Global Interactions part 1
Global Interactions part 2
Global Interactions part 3
Gupta Empire
Imperialism part 1
Imperialism part 2
Imperialism part 3
Imperialism part 4
Inca Empire
Indus Valley Cities
Indus Valley Culture
Indus Valley Tech and Trade
Introduction to Ancient China
Introduction to Ancient Egypt
Introduction to Ancient Mesopotamia
Introduction to Indus Valley Civilization
Introduction to Islamic Civilizations
Introduction to the Middle Ages
Introduction to World Religions
Islamic Civilization Achievements
Maurya Empire
Maya Civilization
Muslim Empires part 1
Muslim Empires part 2
Muslim Empires part 3
Nationalism and Revolution part 1
Nationalism and Revolution part 2
Nationalism and Revolution part 3
Recovery, Depression and Crisis part 1
Recovery, Depression and Crisis part 2
Recovery, Depression and Crisis part 3
Recovery, Depression and Crisis part 4
Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance and Reformation part 1
Renaissance and Reformation part 2
Renaissance and Reformation part 3
Revolution Reform and Social Change part 1
Revolution Reform and Social Change part 2
Revolution Reform and Social Change part 3
Roman Empire Achievements
The Asian Dynasties part 1
The Asian Dynasties part 2
The Asian Dynasties part 3
The Cold War part 1
The Cold War part 2
The Cold War part 3
The Cold War part 4
The French Revolution part 1
The French Revolution part 2
The French Revolution part 3
The Industrial Revolution part 1
The Industrial Revolution part 2
The Industrial Revolution part 3
The Modern World part 1
The Modern World part 2
The Modern World part 3
The Modern World part 4
The Neolithic Revolution
The Rise of the Roman Empire
World War I part 1
World War I part 2
World War I part 3
World War II part 1
World War II part 2
World War II part 3
World War II part 4

US History

Colonization and Settlement
The War for Independence
The New Nation
Westward Expansion
A United Nation?
The Civil War
Legacy and Reconstruction
The Gilded Age
The Progressive Era
America Becomes a World Power
World War I
The Roaring Twenties
The Great Depression
The New Deal
World War II
Reactions to World War II
The Cold War
The Vietnam War
An Era of Social Change
Civil Rights
International Diplomacy
Limits and Conservatism
America as Hyperpower