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Common Questions

How do i login?

Head to https://app.boardworkseducation.com and login using your email and the password you created. Your login is typically the email address that your school or district administrator used to set up your account.

How do I play a presentation?

Navigate to the desired presentation by sorting by academic standard or using the search function, and then select the “Play” button to launch a presentation in your web browser.

How do I edit and save a presentation?

Navigate to the presentation, select the “save” button and give the presentation a title for your personal library. Then navigate to “My Library” and select the “edit” button under a given presentation. Use the editor to hide/reveal certain slides, rearrange slides, and create your own custom slides using the editor. The editor supports links to outside sites and embedded content, which makes it easy to embed a quiz, a video, or a link back to an assessment in your school’s LMS (e.g. Google Classroom, Canvas, etc).

How do I add a presentation to a school library?

From “My Library,” select the “save” button to save a customized presentation to your school library. Note that any other users in your school will be able to see your presentation, but only the user who added the presentation to the school library can edit or delete the existing presentation.

How do I share presentations with students? Can I add presentations to my learning management system?

There are two ways to share presentations with students:

Student Session – the most popular option, a student session is perfect for when you want to give students full access to a specific presentation. You can share un-edited Boardworks presentations, as well as custom presentations from “My Library” or your “School Library.” Just select the “Share (Student Session)” option underneath a presentation, then select “copy” to copy all of the important information to the clipboard. You can then share the details with students in person, via email, or input directly into your school’s LMS (e.g. Google Classroom, Canvas, etc). Students will just need to navigate to https://app.boardworkseducation.com, select “I am a student,” and paste in their one-time share code to view the presentation.

Live Lesson – this option is great for a more guided experience in the classroom or during a screencast lesson. With a Live Lesson, students will stay on pace with you as you navigate forward and backwards among slides. While students can manipulate each interactive slide on their own, the teacher is able to control the pacing and the experience.

How do I screenshare/screencast a Boardworks presentation?

Just share your screen when using your favorite video chat or screencasting software! We like Screencastify for creating short videos for your teachers, but the classics like Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meets are all great options as well.

How to Login

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