Now that the school year is upon us, the Boardworks team remains committed to ensuring teachers’ and students’ experience with the platform is as easy and impactful as ever.  

Boardworks is a turn-key library of highly interactive and supplemental K-12 standards-aligned resources to enhance teaching and improve learning outcomes. Boardworks supports all teachers in improving the quality of their instruction, stopping them from searching for and creating their own lessons and giving them more time to build relationships with students.   

We are excited to launch a new online professional learning course for all teachers using Boardworks for the 2023-2024 school year. This on-demand course, available 24/7, is designed to bolster teachers’ understanding of how to use Boardworks, helping to cut down on their planning time while maximizing the positive impact Boardworks resources can have on their students.  

And with easy access to the course, administrators can feel assured that their teachers will get the right information so they can dive in and start using Boardworks quickly and effectively, whether they are new teachers, experienced teachers, or substitute teachers. 


The new professional learning course for K-12 educators is called “Building your Instructional Toolkit: How to Use the Boardworks Platform.”  The course is available now with your Boardworks access.  There is also a version of the course for Adult Education teachers. 

The course is a webinar recording that includes built-in “Pause and Reflect” moments where individual teachers can think about how they will use Boardworks or if groups of teachers are watching the course together, they can chat with their colleagues about their upcoming Boardworks use. The webinar is 30 minutes recorded yet takes 45-60 minutes to complete when paused for reflections. 

Three instructional modalities provided by Boardworks are highlighted in the course, demonstrating how to efficiently use each modality across grade levels and in various educational scenarios and environments. The Boardworks instructional modalities are:  

  • Teacher-play Mode: This mode is the classic classroom direct-teach mode. It includes interactive slides, games, and checks for understanding to keep students engaged in the presentation.  
  • Share Live Lessons Mode: In this mode, teachers can give students access to the direct-teach presentation slides so students can participate directly with the interaction points while the teacher still controls the lesson flow.  
  • Asynchronous Mode: With this mode, teachers can push out the presentations to students so students can work through the lessons at their own pace. Students control the slide flow. Sharing lessons in this mode is excellent for extensions, remediation, and make-up for missed classes.  

The course always devotes time to taking teachers through examples of customizing lessons – from as simple customization as moving or hiding slides to the more complex ones of teachers recording audio of their own voices to use as explanations of slides (a feature our Boardworks teachers love!).  

One of the most exciting parts of the course happens near the end. Teachers are left with guidance on creating personalized Boardworks action plans for their classrooms, so they can be ready to plan their Boardworks use immediately.  


Boardworks’ mission is grounded in teacher empowerment. We want Boardworks to be “a tool in a teacher’s toolbox, not one more thing on a teacher’s already crowded plate.” One of our goals is for Boardworks to put teachers in the driver’s seat so they can do what they do best, teach content that meets each of their students’ unique needs, keeping them engaged and excited about learning. Our new online course is designed to help us achieve that goal this school year.  


Contact us to set up a demo of Boardworks so you can see how Boardworks’ turn-key library of interactive lessons can empower your teachers, engage your students and enhance learning.   

Have a wonderful 2023-2024 school year!