Every day, teachers work tirelessly to provide their classrooms with lessons and content that engage all students and keep them learning. At Boardworks, we see these efforts all the time. We are continually impressed by how teachers use our interactive K-12 lessons and resources to enrich learning and make a difference in their classrooms. We created the Boardworks Champions Club to honor those teachers who use Boardworks the most consistently in the classroom, finding various ways to provide engaging, differentiated content so all students can flourish academically.

And now we announce our first group of Boardworks Champions. 

Kenny McGough, teacher at Central High Public Schools in Oklahoma   Kenny’s use of Boardworks has focused on keeping all students engaged and learning.  “Kids work at different paces. With Boardworks, if a student finishes before others, there are other lessons they can go work on. It keeps them engaged and learning the entire day.”

Greg Brown, teacher at Gila Ridge High School, in Yuma, Arizona   Greg uses Boardworks to strengthen his Science lessons. “The best part of Boardworks is the ability to have strong animations that reinforce the scientific concepts being taught in class.”

Cody Barker, teacher at Cripple Creek-Victor High School in Colorado   Boardworks has been at the core of Cody’s lesson planning.  “Boardworks is the spine to many of my lesson plans. The questions lead to some fantastic discussions.

Reynaldo Martinez, teacher at Pearsall High School in Texas   Reynoldo uses Boardworks to enhance instruction while saving time. “Before Boardworks, I was spending a lot of time creating my presentations to what I felt was necessary for the students. Once our campus integrated Boardworks, I was able to access their pre-made lectures that were tailored to a specific TEK or Readiness Standard which helped me keep my instruction focused solely on what mattered most.”

Elishea Childs, teacher at Whitwell High School in Tennessee   Elishea loves the interactive nature of Boardworks.   “My students are taking ownership of the lesson, rather than just sitting and listening to me talk the whole time.”

Leopoldo Navarro, teacher at Pearsall High School in Texas   With Boardworks, Leopoldo sees students are more engaged during lecture times and loves that students can repeat any information they did not understand during the first practice. “What sets Boardworks apart from other instructional resources is how fast and easy it is to understand for both teachers and students.”

Yahaira Martinez, teacher in Palacios ISD, Texas   Yahaira uses Boardworks mainly for reading intervention.  “The content Boardworks provides has a wide selection of grade levels which is helpful for intervention classes so the instructor can assign presentations accordingly.”

Boardworks Champion

Angelo Gaunichaux, teacher at Premier HS Austin South in Texas   Angelo likes that Boardworks lessons are easily editable.  “I don’t have to create presentations and those with built-in knowledge checks are useful. But I can edit when needed.”

Genevieve Sindon, teacher at Pearsall High School In Texas   Genevieve appreciates that Boardworks is designed to keep teachers involved as students use Boardworks for learning.  “Students have the opportunity to set up a hypothetical experiment.

Isaac Loya, teacher at Brownsville 63 in Texas    As a US History specialist, Loya likes Boardworks’ in-depth lessons and how students engage with them while they are having fun.  “I have seen my students improve greatly in their subjects, as well as their End of Course exams. “

Amanda Phillips, teacher at Jasper Middle School in Tennessee   Amanda loves Boardworks’ ease of use.  “I am able to use Boardworks as an addition at the end of each curriculum unit.”

Austin King, teacher at Premier High School-Pflugerville in Texas   Austin appreciates the flexibility that Boardworks’ large library of TEKS-aligned presentations offers students and teachers.   “It allows students the opportunity to work on problems in class, individually, or as a group.”

Scott Kasmire, teacher at Alamo Navajo Community School in New Mexico   Scott uses Boardworks for  RTI interventions.   “I love that Boardworks’ content is aligned to state standards.”

Annie Williams, teacher at Washington Public Schools in Oklahoma   Annie uses Boardworks because its slides are interactive, edible and easy for kids to understand. “Boardworks lessons are convenient and fun for the kids! They love it. I also love how you can add your own videos for examples if you want to.”

Getting the most from Boardworks

We are excited to see our Boardworks Champions getting the most from Boardworks.  Boardworks is designed to support teachers where they need it most. Whether it’s a new teacher struggling to build out lesson plans from scratch, special education teachers working with a large population of students across grade levels, or long-time teachers who want to provide more robust, individualized lessons to their classes, Boardworks can help. 

Contact us to set up a demo of Boardworks so you can see how our turn-key library of interactive lessons can empower your teachers, engage your students and enhance learning.