Quality educational supplements are a vital tool within correctional settings, providing ready-to-use resources that can match the individual needs of learners. Because correctional facilities can’t rely on consistent budget allocations, these programs need suitable resources that can be used yearly without concerns that access will be lost if the budget shrinks. This, combined with the need for interactive, engaging content that can be quickly implemented across all subject areas, has made it historically difficult for many correctional facilities to find the right curriculum supplements. 

Boardworks addresses these challenges in several ways. Not only does the Boardworks business model ensure sustainability year after year, but the platform is also designed to simplify the instructional process, allowing instructors to save time on lesson preparation and reducing the risk of burnout. This in turn increases retention in these programs. With a massive library of 30,000 slides of ready-made content across all major core subject areas, Boardworks supports consistent, high-quality instruction within corrections programs at the city, county, or state level. 

How Boardworks Supports Correctional Education Programs

Boardworks is designed for ease of use, allowing instructors to quickly access and utilize content to support their lessons. This instructor-oriented focus ensures the materials support not just learner engagement but quality instruction across the board. There are several ways Boardworks helps do this. 

A Massive Content Library of 30,000+ Slides

Boardworks provides a diverse content library of 30,000 slides covering all four core subject areas: Math, Science, ELA, and History. These ready-made resources are available for all learners, regardless of academic ability, and because they cover all subject areas, learners can focus on specific areas of need and explore other areas of interest.

For instructors, Boardworks’ library is a valuable resource. With many instructors tasked with teaching all subject areas, having a “one-stop-shop” that contains all the subject areas is a huge asset and a time saver. The turnkey nature of the library allows instructors to quickly grab what they need, even if it is from another subject area or supplemental topic. 

Editable Content 

In addition to being able to quickly access and utilize content from across all four major subject areas and all content levels within those areas, instructors can easily edit individual lessons or presentations. This allows them to meet the unique needs of individuals or entire groups of learners in ways that static content does not. Instructors can easily remove or hide slides labeled as “elementary,” for example, to ensure they are not discouraging learners or shaming them for being at a lower academic level. 

In addition to editing content, slides can be easily printed to address technology/internet limitations. Boardworks supports a more traditional paper and pencil educational setting for situations in which this is necessary. 

Content Designed for Engagement 

Because a disproportionally high number of incarcerated individuals have special education needs, Boardworks provides valuable resources to engage and encourage learners. Content is highly visual and interactive in nature, allowing all learners to access the material at their own level while meeting their unique learning styles. 

Instructor-Centric Design

Due to the closed nature of correctional settings, instructors are often limited in the areas they can draw content from. Without access to the same curriculum resources or technologies as other instructors, they are left with limited options. Boardworks addresses this as a standalone, self-contained library of curated content for all learning levels. 

Moreover, Boardworks does not require extensive work on the part of instructors. It’s easy to use and helps save time in lesson planning and curriculum development in ways that traditional resources cannot. We’ve seen exceptionally high usage and utilization among corrections facility instructors because of this. 

Boardworks provides professional development and training sessions to support instructors in putting presentations to use. These sessions are instructor-oriented and focus on the unique learning styles of both the instructors using the platform and the learners who will be engaging with the curriculum. 

A Forward-Thinking Business Model

Many state and local correctional facilities have significant variances in year-to-year operating budgets. Technology budgets can swing significantly, which makes subscription-based products a risky investment. Boardworks is designed to support long-term use by offering an organization-wide lifetime license for the platform that is not limited by seat numbers or users and a very small annual technology fee to support the platform. 

Rather than paying monthly or annual subscription costs that may not fit a future budget, corrections facilities can build Boardworks into their instruction plans for the long term. This helps save organizations money and provides instructors with a reliable resource. 

An Easy-to-Use, Long-Term Curriculum Supplement for Corrections Facilities 

Boardworks provides a reliable, long-term resource for instructors in corrections facilities. The library of 30,000 slides across all four core subject areas, the editable nature of the presentations, interactive and visual content baked into each slide, and the organizational-friendly business model, provide a valuable resource that can help reduce the burden on instructors and improve the quality of instruction for learners for years to come. 

We are proud to support correctional education in California, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, New York, Louisiana, New Mexico, Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey, Tennessee, Delaware, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Iowa. 

Learn more about how Boardworks supports corrections facilities and instructors — request a demo to see the platform in action or view one of our sample lessons here.