Over the past two school years, we’ve learned a lot about the strengths and faults of different classroom management strategies in the era of blended and remote learning. The increased emphasis on technology has an abundance of benefits, but it also presents new challenges that warrant new approaches. For instance, classroom management is simply different when digital tools are at the center of learning versus traditional paper-based instruction. But the right digital tools turn the chaos of trying something new into empowering, positive outcomes that uplift teachers and unlock enriched learning. We’ll explore the classroom management benefits of technology and how digital resources open up new possibilities for engagement in today’s classroom.

Digital Learning Is Here to Stay – So Let’s Do It Right

Whether remote, in person, or blended, classroom management skills are effective preventative strategies for supervising relationships, behaviors, and instructional settings for learners. Teachers have endured the never-ending battle with cell phones in the classroom. But today’s digitally literate learning styles are turning to technology to reduce distraction and enrich learning. Here are some compelling data points that illuminate the trends shaping tomorrow’s learning environments.

  • Before the pandemic, about two-thirds of secondary students were 1:1 with devices. Only 42% of elementary teachers surveyed said the same. But as of 2021, those same metrics rose to 90% 1:1 device access for secondary students and 84% for elementary students.
  • 95% of educators surveyed by Edweek said their schools or districts had purchased additional devices since the pandemic began.
  • Data from The Learning Counsel shows that K-12 districts in the U.S. spent $36 billion in 2020 on hardware, software and curriculum resources, representing a more than 25% increase over 2019.
  • 75% of the 32,827 respondents of The Learning Counsel’s survey expect purchases of digital resources to continue.

These trends point towards a post-pandemic future that remains digitally focused. But not all digital resources are equally conducive to learning. Teachers say that the number one reason they hope to acquire digital learning materials for their classroom is student engagement. Standards-aligned, customizable, and interactive digital curriculum supplements are highly sought after. Boardworks offers novel solutions to the challenges of delivering engaging content in a digital world.  

Boardworks Empowers Teachers and Elevates Instruction 

Interactive digital learning provides opportunities for interactivity that engage students and minimize distractions. We’ve all seen firsthand how common it is for kids to be focused on technology such as phones, games, and computers, so why not harness that generational interest to enrich learning? But it’s not as simple as putting a device in front of a child. Only highly interactive and customizable lessons and activities help with learning engagement and reduce distraction. These goals were top of mind as Boardworks digital supplements were launched and remain in focus as the turnkey library of lessons and activities grows.

School districts of all sizes are using Boardworks to address key challenges in remote learning. For instance, Frontier CSD in New York is enhancing learning through effective technology usage, as evidenced in their Boardworks case study. Superintendent Dr. Richard Hughes emphasizes the role of personalized learning in a digital classroom. “The ‘why’ behind using technology is much more important for learning. The same goes for the latest educational push: personalized learning. Personalized learning really just ties best teaching practices together—using solid instructional technology combined with a worthwhile curriculum and strong data analysis.”

Today, EdTech is crowded with many offerings entering the marketplace. But since 2000, Boardworks has had a leg up in the development of truly immersive digital supplements that support educators by harnessing technology to enhance learning and engage students. “I have seen many other products, but no other technology content solution has ever stood out to me like Boardworks. Boardworks is cost-effective, it gives our teachers and curriculum leaders a leg up in terms of planning, it’s engaging for students, and it fills a technology void. It really is an incredible tool.” Dr. Hughes is one of many leaders in education who have experienced the Boardworks effect firsthand.

Check out our case studies featuring the real-world experiences of educators from around the country as they implement Boardworks digital resources in their schools. Getting ready to take the next step?

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