With the advent of the new school year, we have been hard at work enhancing Boardworks Online with new features to continue supporting teachers and students. Check out the short video below for an overview, or read on for a detailed breakdown of what’s new!

What’s New

District Libraries ????

Teachers tell us they love the ability to save and customize content in personal and shared school libraries, and we’ve now extended this feature to the district level! School and district administrators can now save any content from a school library directly to the district library where it can be viewed by any user in the district. As part of this upgrade, we’ve also given district administrators their own personal libraries, as well as the ability to navigate any school library.

Better Ways to Organize ????

We know educators have a lot to juggle, so we made it easier to organize all your saved content in Boardworks. Now you can create folders and manually set the order of presentations in any library to best fit your teaching style. Combined with district libraries, this feature allows departments to streamline delivery of all their favorite Boardworks presentations so that teachers can see the most important content first.

Combine Presentations and Bring Your Google and PowerPoint Slides into Boardworks ????

These are two of our most requested features: users can now combine slides from multiple presentations, and import content directly from Google Slides or PowerPoint into Boardworks! When adding a slide, you’ll now be presented with the popup below that will allow you to create your own slide or bring over existing content.

More Features for District Admins ????

We’ve made it even easier to manage teacher accounts. You can now import your teachers’ emails with a CSV file to create accounts. We’ve also enhanced the analytics available to district administrators to make it easier to zoom into individual schools, see teacher by teacher level statistics, and export this data for reporting and integration in other platforms.

More SSO Options ????

If you use Google or Microsoft as an email provider, your teachers can now sign-in to Boardworks using their existing credentials! No need to create or remember a separate Boardworks password. Note that users will still need to have an account created for them by their administrator.

Coming Soon ????

We’re still working hard on additional updates that will be released later this year! If you have any questions, need support, or have ideas for future upgrades, visit our Teacher and Admin support pages, or reach out to us directly at support@boardworksed.com.