Offline Resources Installation Guide (Mac)

Note: These are installation instructions for our offline resources for Macs. If you purchased online resources, use the “Login” button at the top right of your screen to login

Step 1: Ensure Adobe Air is installed on your computer

Check to see if Adobe Air is installed on your computer. You can download and install Adobe Air at

Step 2: Download and Install Boardworks Presenter

Open the folder labeled “Mac” in your download link. Right click and download “Boardworks Presenter.air” Navigate to your downloads folder and double click to install Boardworks Presenter. Note that at this point, running Boardworks Presenter will show a blank display as you have yet to download resources.

Step 3: Download your resources

Select the resource you’d like to install, right click and select download to download the .air file containing your desired resource. Repeat for all resources you would like to install.

Step 4: Use the appropriate .air file to access your resources

You’re all set! To access your resources, simply select the appropriate resource from your downloads folder. The resource will open in Boardworks Presenter. Once installed, all resources can be found in Finder under Applications > Boardworks

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