Boardworks Supports
Florida B.E.S.T Standards

How Boardworks Will Support Your Transition to B.E.S.T Standards

Boardworks is built to meet current standards, helping ensure a smooth transition from LAFS/MAFS to B.E.S.T Standards in Florida for the 2022-23 school year.

Using the Boardworks library, you can quickly navigate K-12 curriculum supplements for:

  • Elementary English
  • Elementary School Math
  • Middle School English
  • Middle School Math
  • High School Algebra
  • High School English
  • High School Geometry

Boardworks is a valuable curriculum supplement for school districts actively transitioning to Florida’s new Unified Progress Monitoring, and Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (F.A.S.T) aligned to the B.E.S.T Standards implemented this school year.

How Boardworks Supports B.E.S.T Standards

Boardworks offers a massive library of ready-made standards-aligned presentations to do the following:

Cover English Language Development (ELD) standards for English Language Learners (ELLs)

Address Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning Standards (MTRs)

Teacher notes to support quality instruction and provide ideas for in-class activities

Embedded interactive activities to engage students in standards-aligned learning content

Embedded discussion questions and visual demonstrations to illustrate key concepts

Integrates opportunities for critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills

Fully customizable lessons to support differentiation, targeted classroom instruction, and MTSS

Downloadable, editable resources with each presentation

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