The learning gap is a growing area of concern in many school districts. After a year of disruptions, how can you start to address the issue? What role does technology play and how do you best leverage the tools at your disposal to help students catch up? Boardworks can help.

  • Join us on May 18th as Paul Robinson and Jordan Decker discuss how to use Boardworks to help close the learning gap. Topics will include:
  • How to re-engage students following a long-term absence from school.
  • Ensuring 1:1 devices are being used effectively once students are back in the classroom.
  • Tips for providing effective remediation instruction and the tools teachers need.
  • How to prioritize key standards to RTI.

Ensuring teachers have the resources they need now and in the future without concerns over future budget restrictions.
Join us at 12:30 pm EST for a 40-minute presentation, with time for questions for the audience on what it will take to address the learning gap, and how Boardworks is designed in a way that specifically supports school districts in tackling this unique challenge.

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