Individualized learning is a theme that all educators can relate to. Many of our students have accommodations or simply preferred learning styles that open new avenues to accessing knowledge and skills. However, it could be said that differentiated learning reimagines the role of the teacher. Rather than delivering a one-size-fits-all approach to accessing the content, teachers now use a toolkit of strategies that bridge learning gaps and make learning accessible to all. 

The difference is in the details, especially in today’s dynamic learning environments. Catering to dozens of individualized needs has historically been time-consuming and sometimes even counteracts effective teaching strategies. What’s the solution? With the right tools, teachers facilitate learning, rather than present it. With purpose-built digital curriculum supplements, educators are equipped with empowering tools that make knowledge accessible. 

Why Does Differentiation Matter in a Digital Learning Environment?

Differentiated instruction brings flexibility to response-to-intervention in order to serve diverse learner needs. Differentiated learning strategies are not a trend, they’re science-backed strategies supported by years of research and data. In 2019, a rigorous literature review analyzed how 28 U.S.-based research studies conducted between 2001 and 2015 defined, described, and measured changes in teaching practices related to differentiated instruction. 

It’s clear that differentiation works, but impediments can and often do get in the way of effective implementation. Resource inconsistencies, overwhelming workloads, and standards alignment are just some of the challenges that face educators as they approach differentiated instruction. 

A hands-on approach to learning is shown to be a preferred method of acquiring and applying new knowledge and skills. In fact, a survey found that 52% of students prefer to learn with manipulatives. How could digital curriculum supplements like those offered by Boardworks engage students with hands-on learning? It’s all about interactivity. 

Boardworks Incorporates Differentiation Naturally

How could differentiated instruction possibly feel forced or unnatural? Consider the countless scanned and copied worksheets that sat on student desks as dreading eyes looked on. Differentiated instruction can be so much more. Boardworks provides a platform for all students to progress towards a common goal, regardless of preferred learning modes or pace. The ability to deliver relevant content to students based on individual needs ensures that no student is left out. Interactive lessons and immersive processing activities are game-changing tools with the power to turn even the most obscure content into tangible knowledge and skills. Boardworks features this and more, all integrated right into the content. 

In addition to a library of original, interactive tools that empower individualized learning, Boardworks curriculum supports consistency across content and grade levels. For students who respond to the extra support of differentiated learning, consistency has the power to transform their learning experience. Unfortunately, many classrooms rely on a lot of mixed and matched curriculum content cobbled together from sources like online marketplaces and copied textbooks. With Boardworks, there’s no need to look elsewhere for interactivity and enrichment. Teachers can easily add interactive learning activities to any lesson without ever leaving the lesson. Customization is central to what Boardworks offers.

Consistency and Standards Alignment

Academic progress is too often hampered by the mixed bag of textbooks, digital platforms and teacher curated resources featured from one classroom to another. Alternating between the different rhythms of each class drains energy and motivation from many students, especially those already at a learning disadvantage. Improving resource consistency is a research-backed strategy that opens up opportunities for collaboration and improvement. 

Boardworks presents a turnkey solution for addressing consistency across courses and grade levels. Boardworks content remains consistent across multiple subject areas, including math, science, history and so much more. Navigating from one Boardworks lesson to the next is a seamless transition that goes hand-in-hand with differentiation strategies. 

See the Boardworks Advantage in Action

Our case studies feature real schools transforming learning with our turnkey library of resources. It’s amazing what a digital platform that ties together standards-aligned instruction, differentiation, and interactivity can do to refresh learning. See Boardworks in action at schools across the nation in these success stories

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