Imagine math in action, with interactive learning modes that make math relatable so that students gain the confidence to overcome every academic challenge. That’s exactly how Boardworks inspires an organic love for math, from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. We’ve all seen the less-than-ideal outcomes from decades of cookie-cutter traditional math lessons.

Many of today’s best educators learned math the ‘old school way’, so why is there such a shift away from the norm in K-12 math? Students thrive in individualized learning environments, and today’s EdTech tools open up new possibilities for making math accessible to all. With the pandemic setbacks of 2020, the importance of EdTech math tools is greater now than ever before.

Kids Deserve to Excel in Math, Especially Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has held many students back, with some research showing that students missed out on anywhere from one half to one full school year of math learning during 2020-2021. There are so many reasons for educators to find effective ways to fill the pandemic learning gaps, but one data point is particularly compelling. An analysis by McKinsey and Company estimates that unless steps are taken to address 2020’s learning gaps, today’s students may earn $49,000 to $61,000 less over their lifetime owing to the impact of the pandemic on their schooling. It’s definitely not too late to recover what was lost, especially considering the excellent tools available today.

Why do students find math to be so much more challenging than history or English content? Negative perceptions of mathematics are often tied to bumps in the road that affect the mastery of math, such as a particularly challenging course, a less-than-enthusiastic teacher, or excessive absences. But the greatest characteristic that separates math from other content is the way that math builds on itself, layer by layer, like a brick wall of knowledge and skills. Each discipline of math, from simple multiplication to algebra and beyond, builds upon a foundation of understanding that begins early in elementary school. Any unit or even lesson that a student misses or fails to grasp in math class can throw up roadblocks for future mastery. That’s why students can’t afford to simply skip a year of math due to the pandemic. The consequences of doing so would adversely impact a student’s entire journey in STEM education.

How Can EdTech Be the Difference Today’s Students Need?

International research has found evidence that students are initially excited about math, but as they climb the educational ladder, their motivation drops off. For anyone who’s ever been in a math classroom, it’s a familiar trend. But EdTech tools open up new opportunities for teaching math. Students of all ages respond to different learning styles, and there’s only so much that traditional paper-based differentiation can do to individualize learning. Fortunately, today’s learners can benefit from the enhanced interactivity of digital curriculum supports. However, not all digital resources are the same. Some offerings stray from state standards, lack constructive feedback, or fail to bridge the content effectively. In 2000, Boardworks Education was founded with the goal of creating superior instructional resources that go far beyond the bare minimum and offer students and teachers alike enriched learning opportunities and guaranteed positive outcomes.

Math in Action with Boardworks 

Boardworks stands out above other offerings with customizable lessons that are always accessible without the need for logins or passwords. Our interactive math lessons engage students with real-world connections, games, and checks for understanding that bridge what students know with higher-level learning. Extension activities throughout Boardworks Math challenge learners to think outside of the box while facilitating organic learning. The learning doesn’t end there. Digital exercises are paired with immediate feedback that provides the rationale for each learning standard, so that students walk away from the lesson having made lasting connections with the content. 

Boardworks Math covers all the major courses offered from elementary through high school, including Early Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.  All Boardworks course supplements are expertly aligned to state standards. Each lesson can be customized to your heart’s content, a Boardworks feature that educators love. Differentiation strategies are intuitive and easily accessed in the content.

Ready to Give It a Try?

We believe the proof is in the pudding, so we’ve made a sample math lesson available for anyone to try for free, with no commitment necessary. Access a sample math presentation from our large turnkey library of K-12 Math Presentations, and schedule a full product demonstration with your very own dedicated support professional.