August 31, 2016

Maximizing use of interactive whiteboards

Boardworks helps teachers, both advanced and beginner, maximize use of their Promethean Boards


Assistant Principal of Science & Technology Steve Mihalitsis discusses how Boardworks has empowered teachers at New Utrecht High School, NY.

New Utrecht is a large, comprehensive high school. One of my motivations behind pushing to purchase this product was that it was a match for our Promethean boards. We have Promethean boards that cost thousands of dollars, you don’t want them just hanging there and not being used. So the product came along for us at the perfect time.

At this point, textbooks, these cumbersome, static products, are being replaced by products like Boardworks that are much more fluid: it’s almost like a live document.

"I think it's a pioneer product"

Assistant Principal of Science & Technology Steve Mihalitsis

Boardworks has also created coherence in the department. The product allows you to align it to the New York State standards, and having the support from the company that understands that these are the needs of New York State was a big deal.

The fact that you can edit this product and make it your own, for each teacher, was very appealing. I think it’s a pioneer product. I don’t know that there’s another product out there that allows the flexibility.