October 20, 2016





Creative ideas for interactive Spanish lessons

Boardworks provides a growing range of products designed to support your Spanish language teaching. Built for your interactive whiteboard or classroom projector, Boardworks brings language learning to life, and comes mapped to your state standards.


Dynamic teaching resources

Explore the Spanish language with engaging and varied teaching material, like exciting interactive activities, dynamic animations, summary quizzes and games. Our native speaker audio activities provide an authentic learning experience to help you deliver inspirational lessons.


Mapped to state standards

All presentations are logically structured and enhanced with a wide range of material to ensure you get the most out of your lessons. Typical slides combine the main points for teaching, clearly conveyed, with relevant illustrative material.


Time saving and ready to teach

Boardworks lessons are ready-to-teach, saving you and your colleagues precious time. Dynamic, step-by-step animations help explain complex processes and theories in an appealing and informative way.


Spanish content by subject

High School English

Textual Analysis and Using Evidence
Themes and Ideas
Narrative Structure
Language in Literature
Point of View
Comparative Literature 1
Comparative Literature 2
Analyzing Informational Texts 1
Non-Fiction Craft and Structure 1
Critical Reading
Analyzing Informational Texts 2
Non-Fiction Craft and Structure 2
Analyzing Historical Documents
Writing to Argue
Writing to Inform
Introducing Creative Writing
Practicing Creative Writing
Collaborative Writing
Research Projects
Speaking and Listening
Standard English

Middle School English

Themes in Literature
Plot, Characters and Setting
Language in Literature
Structure in Literature
Point of View in Literature
Literature in Production
Comparing Literature
Comparing Literature 2
Central Ideas in Non-Fiction
Analyzing Elements in Non-Fiction
Word Choice in Non-Fiction
Structure in Non-Fiction
Point of View in Non-Fiction
Media Literacy
Assessing Arguments
Comparing Non-Fiction
Writing to Argue
Writing to Inform
Creative Writing
Using Technology
Research Skills
Speaking and Listening
Analyzing Information

Elementary School English

Reading Literature 1
Reading Literature 2
Reading Literature 3
Reading Multimedia
Reading Non-Fiction 1
Reading Non-Fiction 2
Analyzing Non-Fiction
Reading Non-Fiction 3
Writing Opinions 1 (prev. Writing Your Opinion)
Research Projects 1
Writing Opinions 2 (prev. Writing Opinion Texts)
Creative Writing (prev. Writing Creative Texts)
Research Projects 2
Presenting 1
Presenting 2
Presenting 3
Grammar Activities 1
Grammar Activities 2
Grammar Activities 3
Grammar Activities 4
Grammar Activities 5
Grammar Activities 6

Beginners' Spanish

Unidad 1: ¡Hola!
Unidad 2: La familia
Unidad 3: El horario
Unidad 4: En Casa
Unidad 5: En el Pueblo
Unidad 6: Los pasatiempos
Unidad 7: Nos presentamos
Unidad 8: La comida
Unidad 9: La salud
Unidad 10: De Compras
Unidad 11: El Turismo
Unidad 12: Las diversions
Unidad 13: Nosotros los jóvenes
Unidad 14: Los medios de Comunicación
Unidad 15: Nuestros proyectos
Unidad 16: Nuestro medio Ambiente
Unidad 17: El mundo hispano
Unidad 18: ¿Tú qué opinas?

High School Spanish

La Comunicación
El mundo de trabajo
El pueblo
El camino
La enseñanza
La familia
La salud
Las vacaciones
Los pasatiempos
¡Que aproveche!