Since it was passed in 1965, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) has been reauthorized eight times, adapting to current education conditions but continuously providing a source of federal spending for elementary and secondary education. Most recently reauthorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015, funds are allocated by the federal government for state and local school systems for specific initiatives such as those described by Title III.

Title III is a grant program established by the ESEA that provides federal funds to support programs focusing on delivering language instruction to students whose primary language is not English. Designed to support English Language Learners (ELL) in achieving academic achievement standards, Title III is an important funding source for many districts. The NCELA outlines the specific guidelines by which ELLs are defined and how federal funding is allocated to state education agencies (SEAs) and local education agencies (LEAs). The Department of Education provides a summary of the proficiency standards, educational programs, and non-regulatory elements to address common questions about the program. 

These resources are valuable for identifying how funds can be used, the metrics by which SEAs and LEAs are measured, and helping develop new and emerging EL programs, but many districts want to ensure they maximize the use of the funds they receive. Boardworks partners with hundreds of districts to support their EL programs and maximize their use of Title III funding. 

Maximizing Title III Funds to Support EL Student Populations

Boardworks is designed to empower teachers and engage students with the ultimate goal of enhancing learning and ensuring equity in access to educational resources. Boardworks’ turnkey library of standards-aligned interactive lessons supports ELs K-12 and can provide a valuable resource to schools looking to maximize their Title III funds. Relevant Title III objectives include:

Language Acquisition – The core initiative of Title III to help ELs acquire the necessary skills in English Language to meet academic standards is a crucial element. Boardworks allows teachers to stress the importance of key terms with dedicated ELA and grammar skills modules and the ability to bold and highlight key terms for extra emphasis in all subject areas. Boardworks also allows teachers to pre-load audio of their voice into lessons to support emerging readers and provide extra support for a depth of comprehension. 

Meeting Academic Standards – In addition to language acquisition, Title III tasks education agencies with meeting the same State academic standards that their peers are required to meet. Boardworks supports this by providing highly visual, interactive presentation materials supported by pictures, videos, and graphs. With access to this robust suite of interactive materials, students can learn more effectively, teachers can teach across language barriers, and a full room of students can engage with content on a common footing. Boardworks enhances instruction by supplementing lesson plans with visual, interactive materials. 

ELL Teachers Teaching Across Languages – Teachers are often expected to teach all ELL students at their level, with various languages coming into the ESOL program. Boardworks helps teachers reach students across various languages by integrating student labs, interactive graphs, and self-paced animations. Regardless of class size, teachers can help everyone in front of them reach rigorous academic standards. 

Parental, Community Involvement in Learning – Title III emphasizes the involvement of an EL’s family and community in their learning. Boardworks is designed to be accessible to everyone involved. Because Boardworks presentations don’t require a student login, teachers can share specific lessons and presentations with both students and parents, engaging and connecting learning outside of the classroom. 

Using Title III Funds for Boardworks in Your District

Boardworks has become a trusted partner for districts and schools across the country, supporting their ELL teachers and students. John Perlaza, Assistant Principal at Newcomers High School in Queens, NY notes that “because the students are learning English, you may not be able to cover or go through content as quickly; you have to go at a slower pace to ensure that the vocabulary is emphasized and clarified. It’s great that the teachers can go through the content in Boardworks and pick and choose the parts that work for their particular lesson or style.”

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The flexibility to craft presentations that fit the specific needs of ELL teachers at different levels, within different subjects, and for individual students makes it an ideal fit for schools looking to develop and enhance their ELL program offerings. 

When implementing Boardworks, organizations receive a lifetime license. This ensures you have a resource that will support your students for years to come and not just the years in which a license is renewed. That lifetime license covers every student and teacher in your program, ensuring all teachers can save time developing classroom materials and that new teachers get up and running quickly. With the ongoing teacher shortage, turnkey curriculum supplements that support your Title III initiatives will save time and reduce the risk of teacher burnout. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Boardworks can help maximize your use of Title III funds, request a demo or reach out to a member of our team to discuss how the platform can support your efforts.