Offline Resources Installation Guide (PC)

Note: These are installation instructions for our offline resources for PCs. If you purchased online resources, use the “Login” button at the top right of your screen to login

Step 1: Download and install Boardworks Launcher

Right click and download “Boardworks Product Launcher Setup.exe” Once downloaded, open the file. Follow the setup prompts to install Boardworks Product Launcher. Note, if you try opening Boardworks Product Launcher at this point, you won’t see any products. Continue to step 2 to download and start using your resources.

Step 2: Download your resources

Select the resource you want to install, right click and select download to download the zip file containing your desired resource. Repeat for all resources you would like to install.


Once downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder and extract the zip files for the resources you’d like to download. The simplest way to do this is to open each zip file (by double clicking), then drag the enclosed folder to your desktop. Alternatively you can select the folder, right click and choose “Extract all”

Step 4: Setup your resources

Now that you’ve extracted your resources, it’s time to set each resource up. Navigate to the folder for the resource you’d like to set up on your desktop, open the folder and double click the “Setup” file. Follow the setup prompts to install the resource.

Step 5: Use Boardworks Launcher to access your resources

You’re all set! To access your resources, simply select the purple “Boardworks Launcher” icon.

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