From outdated textbooks to lesson plans that aren’t aligned with standards, most schools have an abundance of odds and ends lying around the typical classroom. It’s not something to be ashamed of, it’s just a facet of teaching during a period of rapid change. But with the right tools and support, it’s important to bring learning materials in line with the higher standards and quality education that teachers and administrators strive to provide.

Prior to the pandemic, schools were already going through big changes. Before 2020, these changes were gradual. The sudden shift to remote learning accelerated the transition from textbook-centered learning to one-to-one technology and pushed digital content to the front and center. Some administrators planned on getting the most out of their last edition of physical textbooks before committing to online resources, but 2020 changed the dynamic. 

Making the Most of Change

In hindsight, speeding up this transition towards online content is likely to better serve students. Of course, this is only true if administrators and curriculum planners choose the next generation of resources carefully. Science textbooks quickly become outdated, and state standards are regularly adjusted or streamlined. Shifting away from physical learning materials and towards digital content makes learning possible from anywhere with an internet connection. However, not all digital content is aligned with state standards and accommodation needs. In a rush, teachers often resort to online marketplaces, social media, or simply Google for lesson plan ideas. But a quality lesson created by a seventh grade Texas teacher is not always suitably aligned for a sophomore science teacher in New York. Standards differ, and it’s important to address the inconsistencies of cobbling together learning content from unrelated online resources. 

Students have borne the brunt of an education system undergoing rapid, unplanned change. Too many online platforms were tossed at them during the dive into remote learning. Often, they didn’t have the right login credentials or accessibility. Even when they could access the content from home, many of the instructional materials offered were, simply put, boring. Engaging, interactive lessons, and practice are game-changers when it comes to flipping the loss of student engagement into the most immersive and effective learning experiences students have experienced yet.

Teachers and Students Deserve Interactive, Customizable Learning Materials

In many schools, motivation is in short supply. With an excellent team and great leadership, 2020 was a tough time for even the most confident teachers. But the tumults of the past year have provided an unexpected opportunity to chart a new, better path forward in education. It’s clear that the future of education is going to be more online, more interactive, and more student-led. Surveys show that teacher morale is low, and stress is a prominent factor. Providing turnkey, customizable content that is already aligned to the standards is a huge step in the right direction.

Not only do excellent resources provide lesson planning support, but they also save money. Over 62% of teachers regularly spend their own money to purchase materials. Administrators can take the lead on the path towards finding cost-effective solutions for the classroom. It’s especially helpful when online resources are available to all teachers in the school, unlike the limited licenses included with most online purchases. Teachers won’t need to dig into their own pockets to purchase lessons online once they’re introduced to quality, consistent materials.

Boardworks Provides Consistency and Quality

Ed-tech solutions are abundant right now, but not all are equally prepared to serve teachers and students of various learning levels and styles. Some products are marketed for the classroom but were designed by software companies without regard for the way education works. It takes the involvement and input of an experienced teacher or administrator to design with standards, differentiation, and learning styles front and center of development.

Designed by educators with ease of use in mind, Boardworks supports teachers in making the transition from whiteboards and textbooks to more engaging teaching and learning. From interactive supplements to self-paced instructional materials and interactive practice, Boardworks is a hit with teachers and students alike. As schools continue to invest in technology for the classroom, they need turnkey, easy-to-use content to transition to a new way of teaching. Boardworks provides consistency, interactivity, and ease of use for all teachers in your school or district.

Download our white paper, How to Leverage Existing Technology Investments to Address Education Challenges to learn more about how Boardworks helps address these challenges both in the classroom and remotely.