Today’s educators are consistently looking for new and exciting ways to engage students. From reluctant learners to those who excel in individual subjects, how can teachers utilize their limited resources and time to craft compelling, interactive materials for students at an individual level? On top of limited resources, there are several additional barriers to learning. Language and cognition barriers that make it difficult for some students to access traditional modes of learning, the need to ensure all materials are standards-aligned, and the challenge of presenting individualized content in an active classroom all stand in the way of providing a more robust, engaging learning environment. 

Boardworks supplements instruction to address these challenges, helping make lessons engaging and interactive without hours of additional time needed from teachers to create materials. When every student learns in a unique and individual way, it’s important to present them with materials that match their learning style. Boardworks was designed to help teachers meet students where they are with a library of over 25,000 standards-aligned activities for K-12 instruction. 

Choosing the Right Supplemental Materials for Your Teachers

School districts are actively investing in learning management systems and other EdTech tools designed to support teachers in the classroom. But more often than not, teachers fall into the role of ‘technology DJ’ rather than facilitators of learning. In a recent article, we explored how licensing and onboarding for these systems can cost upwards of $10,000 per year and there is substantial turnover with not just LMS platforms, but also supplements and other technology tools due to their complexity and subsequent inconsistent use.

Boardworks offers fully customizable presentations and interactive lesson materials that teachers can plug and play into their teaching materials. These materials are designed to be as easy to use as possible to minimize disruption and help teachers get more out of their already scarce time. This supports teacher-led instruction in the classroom, enhancing and supplementing classroom instruction with interactive materials for whiteboard presentation or use on 1:1 devices. It also supports asynchronous learning for students at home or who need differentiated and individualized instruction in the classroom. 

Boardworks presentations are designed to increase student participation and improve learning outcomes across in the major subject areas of Science, English, Math, and History. Materials can be integrated with Google Classroom seamlessly and teachers can customize each presentation to match existing lesson plans. 

How to Try Boardworks Sample Lessons 

Experience how Boardworks supports teachers in engaging students in a number of unique situations with our library of sample lessons. They include:


View a sample presentation from our library of K-12 science lessons. Fully designed with custom illustrations, videos, discussion questions, and interactive elements like virtual experiments and quizzes, students can more fully engage with the science behind plate tectonics whether part of a full class or through individual study. 



In this sample presentation from the library of Middle School English presentations, students interactively order and develop persuasive arguments. With written resources for classroom discussion, videos for visualization of key concepts, and vocabulary assessments and quizzes to check for understanding, students are engaged in several unique ways. 



Within the sample Boardworks high school geometry presentation, students engage with visual representations of key materials, interactive manipulatives to illustrate geometric concepts, and multi-stage animation summaries. Combined with questions to help students grasp the lesson materials, teachers can layer in custom supplements to the presentation as needed. 



In this sample presentation from the library of high school world history materials, students learn about and discuss World War I, including how the war began, its key differences from previous wars, and how it ultimately ended. The presentation contains multi-stage animation overviews, interactive timeline activities, visual representations of key concepts like trench warfare, and more to help engage students.


Access Boardworks Sample Lessons

See our sample lessons in action from the links above or visit our sample lesson library here to choose from available presentations and view Boardworks in action. Want to see more? Request a demo for a full walkthrough of what Boardworks has to offer and how it can integrate with your district’s curriculum seamlessly, supporting teachers when they need it most.