Teachers, administrators, and students are living through an unprecedented time of instability in education. Those entering the profession are about to dive into a career undergoing tremendous change. For this reason, new teachers and new hires need all of the support they can get in 2021. Let’s take a look at how technology is helping to make this possible.

Challenges to Teacher Onboarding

Teacher shortages affect student outcomes, team morale, and the quality of instruction. When districts are short-staffed, administrators tasked with welcoming a new member to the team may shift responsibilities to colleagues that are already overworked. Being a new teacher was always synonymous with feeling overwhelmed, but that’s an understatement these days.

New teachers are joining the workforce at a time of great change and lingering uncertainty. A post-pandemic survey from the RAND Corporation found that 43% of teachers who left the profession over the past year have cited stress as the top factor affecting their decision. Despite common perception, money isn’t usually what’s on the mind of conflicted educators.

Further, it’s tough finding the time to become a content expert as a new teacher. It’s already challenging to juggle classroom management, new students, parent conferences, and professional development responsibilities. In the short span of a few months in 2020, many schools switched from paper-based to learning management systems, creating additional challenges for both new and existing teachers. If there’s one thing that can make the first months more manageable, it is content support to ‘jump-start’ a successful and fulfilling career in education.

Online supplements offered by Boardworks are making it possible to finally provide much-needed digital support during the most fragile time in an educator’s career. An abundance of classroom-ready resources instills confidence, and confident teachers are more likely to be effective educators.

Finding the Right Solution

Educational technology is giving administrators the tools needed to improve the quality of instruction, streamline prep time, and provide turn-key solutions for teachers. In today’s evolving educational settings, students and teachers benefit from instructional materials that engage students across learning environments from day one. Gone are the days of needing dozens of login credentials and subscription plans to access resources. Having an all-inclusive resource makes life easier for teachers at a time when it could really lift morale.

No two teaching positions are exactly alike. Consider the many talents of a successful special education teacher, or the challenges facing the sole science teacher of a rural school. Sometimes it’s best to have a plan ready to execute from the get-go. Boardworks provides a well-rounded package of solutions for what’s facing the teachers, students, and administrators of 2021.

Engage Students While Collecting Data That’s Actually Useful

The COVID-19 shutdowns created inequities among students. Some continued on their educational journey with success, but an alarming number of students are falling behind. The data from the 2020 school year was a wake-up call. In the Bay Area, failures increased by 50%. In Houston, 42% failed at least one class. Nearly 40% of secondary grades were F’s in St. Paul, Minnesota. Schools are preparing to test students heavily to get a better grasp of where the strengths and weaknesses lie. It’s easier said than done because gauging student success can be a moving target.

Boardworks addresses these issues by equipping new teachers with engaging materials that include teacher notes and avenues for differentiated instruction. The turn-key solution provides the resources needed to address the challenges of today.

New teachers have so much on their plate in those first years in the classroom. In some cases, a new teacher hasn’t yet developed the real-world classroom awareness to know when interventions are needed to keep students from falling behind. Embedding customizable resources within instructional materials gives teachers the flexibility and creative space to become confident and effective educators. When done right, edtech can provide everything needed to get the school year up and running quickly and smoothly.

A Guaranteed Viable Curriculum Provides Engaging Access to Essential Knowledge and Skills

With the expected influx of new teachers and job rotation, it will be more important than ever to have faster teacher onboarding with positive outcomes. For many teachers, the first year is like jumping onto a moving train. Instructional materials that are modern, aligned with standards, data-driven, and customizable for any classroom situation are a valued resource for new and seasoned teachers alike.

With all that we’ve been through, student data means so much more than it did in the past. But without the know-how, collecting and interpreting valid data can be difficult, especially for new teachers. Boardworks comes with the embedded tools to help teachers respond to student challenges, addressing them early, and implementing effective remediation. Most importantly, student needs can be addressed early before the gap between student achievement is out of reach.

With a mix of remote learning, blended learning, and in-class instruction likely to remain in a post-pandemic world, emphasizing student-paced learning and instructional flexibility are more than trends. Teachers may opt for a flipped classroom one day, and traditional teaching methods the next. This new reality takes getting used to for all educators, but especially so for new teachers. Flexible, customizable resources are guaranteed with Boardworks. Students won’t have a problem accessing the content. No login credentials are required. Ease of access is incredibly important in a busy classroom setting. There’s no time to waste, and we get that.

Supporting New Teachers Makes Success Feel Attainable

Surveys before and after the pandemic have shown that teachers don’t merely yearn for higher pay, they want to feel supported with quality materials and classroom environments suitable for success. The right tools make the difference in the classroom.

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