September 9, 2016

Georgetown Schools

Superintendent Chris Burrows explains how Boardworks has brought technology to life at Georgetown Schools, OH.

As a district, we want to be a place where all students want to learn, all teachers want to teach, and all parents want to send their children.

As the leader of the district, people ask me all the time: “you say you’re preparing college and career readiness – what are colleges going to expect when these kids graduate? What skills will they need in their careers?” We really don’t know, but we do know that it involves manipulation of technology.

The second challenge is having a place in which teachers want to teach. They need resources: beyond hiring quality people, the second biggest job that I have is to get quality resources into the classroom.

"It won’t matter which classroom you come into – you’re going to see Boardworks, in every classroom, every day."

Superintendent Chris Burrows

Put simply, Boardworks is an efficient way to get interactive curriculum to
our kids. It’s a standards-based, cost-efficient product that allows us to do what we’d thought was only a dream a few years ago. If you walk in a year from now, it won’t matter which classroom you come into – you’re going to see Boardworks of some fashion, in every classroom, every day.

For us it was really a pivotal moment when I met with Boardworks. We were going to start buying textbooks again. But the issue with textbooks, even some of the interactive texts that we’ve seen, is that they’re not standards-based. They’re still ‘one size fits all’ – it doesn’t matter if you’re in California, if you’re in Ohio, if you’re in Arkansas.

Boardworks can be tailored to teach Ohio-specific content. In the past, it’s taken teachers so long to search the web, and then to find out if what they find is valid, reliable, and interactive. Now, Boardworks is an instant resource, they can modify and alter, and it engages their kids. The interactive nature of Boardworks has taken engagement to another level. The more things like this we can have available, the greater impact our instruction will have.


In-school demonstration