One of the lasting outcomes of the pandemic is the acceleration of technology adoption in the classroom. It’s a change that was already happening pre-2020, albeit gradually. As of 2021, 90% of middle and high schools report 1:1 access to devices for their students, and 84% of elementary schools say the same. Schools are largely shifting their energy to identifying how to best utilize these technology resources moving forward. We’ll explore five ways to ensure success in a 1:1 school district.

Engage and Limit Distraction

For many, the process of coordinating digital learning in a 1:1 environment is a new experience that deserves careful planning and thoughtful considerations. It’s a big change that teachers are adapting to alongside their students. For teachers, there’s nothing like being in the classroom with your students, face-to-face. If used improperly, technology can become a barrier to classroom engagement and social growth. 

How can students remain engaged in learning with all-day access to technology? There’s a science to engagement. Teachers know how to put together a slideshow or print out worksheets, but with technology at hand during school, there’s a sense of urgency with regards to engagement. If students are bored and out of focus, they have the world of the internet at their fingertips. Student engagement is a critical strength of Boardworks classroom supplements. Lessons and activities are interactive from day one, giving students opportunities to apply what they’ve learned while demonstrating growth. 

Provide Consistency Across Content and Grade Levels

As students progress through their educational journey, progress is too often hampered by the mixed bag of textbooks, digital platforms and bookwork featured from one course to another. Alternating between the different rhythms of each class drains energy and motivation from many of our students, especially those already at a learning disadvantage. Improving resource consistency is a research-backed strategy that opens up opportunities for collaboration and improvement. 

Boardworks presents a turnkey solution for addressing consistency across courses and grade levels. Boardworks content remains consistent across multiple subject areas, including math, science, history and so much more. Having students navigate from one Boardworks lesson to the next is a seamless transition. There’s no need for passwords or complicated logins. Ease of access and consistency across grade levels and subjects promotes enriched learning and discourages distraction.

Reach Students Across the Learning Spectrum

For decades, teachers have been preparing multiple versions of assignments with the goal of reaching students both high and low. One of the greatest strengths of 1:1 device access is the ease of distributing differentiated materials to students. Boardworks enables teachers to push relevant content to students in remediation with seamless integration. Pre-assessments and checks for understanding are thoughtfully placed throughout each unit so that students and teachers alike can identify learning successes and challenges. Valid assessments of mastery are more important now than ever as schools around the globe work to address learning disparities.

Remain Flexible

Individualized learning is a theme that all educators can relate to. Many of our students have accommodations or simply preferred learning styles that help teachers to unlock learning for them. However, catering to dozens of individualized needs has historically been time-consuming and sometimes even counteracts effective teaching strategies. What’s the solution? Being able to deliver relevant content to students based on individual needs ensures that no student is left out. Boardworks features this and more, all integrated right into the content. Boardworks provides a platform for all students to progress toward a common goal, regardless of whether they are struggling, on-level or working ahead.

Build Relationships

It’s important that 1:1 access doesn’t impede the relationships teachers build with students. Rapport has the power to engage the class, create a sense of welcome and inspire learning. Boardworks content allows teachers to save time on lesson prep and customize their approach, from the lesson content to the interactive practice activities and tests of mastery. Customization shows individual students that they matter, and that their preferred learning styles can be accommodated with ease. Interactive lessons allow students the chance to apply knowledge and learn from mistakes, which enriches learning at a time when too many classes are struggling with motivation.

Our recent case study features the story of how Boardworks made adjusting to 1:1 easier and more empowering for one Mississippi school district. Other success stories from around the nation can be found here

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Boardworks offers a multi-faceted solution to common obstacles facing 1:1 school districts. Interactivity, customization, consistency and ease of access are just some of the many strengths of Boardworks classroom resources.

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