Adult education programs face critical gaps that can present long-term challenges to instructors and students. Among the most pressing of these gaps is the need for high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum supplements that support students in achieving their academic goals and instructors in developing classroom content. 

Many solutions are available, but most adult education programs are looking for suitable resources that don’t require long-term budget commitments with annual subscription fees that may not align with budgets that shift along with student populations. Additionally, a good adult-education supplement should be instructor-centered, helping to save time on lesson preparations and reduce the risk of burnout while increasing instructor retention. 

The Role of Interactive Content in Adult Education Classrooms

Interactive content encourages differentiated learning and engaging instruction, leading to higher pass rates on testing. Students remain more engaged, absorb materials more effectively, and are better prepared to use what they learn practically and in assessment. Boardworks helps adult education programs achieve these goals in six unique ways. 

Saving Time for Instructors

Adult education programs like Georgia Piedmont Technical College rely on Boardworks and its massive library of ready-made lesson presentations that support GED instruction of core topics in Math, Science, English Language Arts, and History. Content can be mapped for HiSet, ABE, College & Career Readiness, and High School Equivalency classes. Because Boardworks fits into these categories seamlessly, instructors spend far less time building lessons and preparing for class and can focus on the content students need to master to complete their program.

Non-Subscription Pricing Model

Most adult education software is priced per student or instructor license. This can limit access for some instructors and create problems if the budget changes due to enrollment shifts between terms.

Boardworks offers a non-subscription pricing model that is not linked to student seats or instructor accounts. The one-time up-front cost includes unlimited instructor accounts, ensuring Boardworks can scale to variable enrollment numbers years into the future. With Boardworks, all instructors have access to their libraries of presentations regardless of changes in program budgets or student populations. 

Easy to Use for Students

Adult education programs are unique to higher education institutions because they offer rolling enrollment. This means new students are entering the program constantly, and onboarding cannot be completed en masse in the same way. Boardworks is designed not to require student accounts. Instructors can create and distribute lesson codes to students through existing LMS platforms, and students won’t need to onboard or create new accounts to access Boardworks materials.

Customization of Content 

Within an adult education program, especially within high school equivalency classes and GED instruction, some content may be drawn from resources that carry a stigma for students. Boardworks allows instructors to customize the content they use in their lessons. 

They can hide or remove slides that are not relevant, copy specific materials from other presentations to help students catch up on key concepts, and create custom slides that cover specific content. These customized presentations can then be saved to a School Library for access by other instructors. With Boardworks, instructors can meet the needs of their students and customize all content to personalize the resources used as needed. 

Access Content Across Topics

Many adult education instructors teach multiple subjects at multiple levels, requiring them to draw on materials from various disciplines, experience levels, and degrees of depth. Boardworks provides access to all content in its library to every instructor from the start, meaning they have all the content they need for all of their classes and can pull materials across disciplines when needed. 

Instructor-Centered Platform 

Many platforms designed for adult education are student-centered, creating additional work for instructors and limiting the customizability of materials. Boardworks is different. Designed with instructors in mind, Boardworks allows instructors to pull any needed materials, share them live or asynchronously, customize materials, add audio recordings to specific slides, and more, ensuring materials are delivered in a way each instructor finds most effective to teach their students. 

Implementing a Strong Support System for Adult Learners

Boardworks is designed to empower instructors, engage students, and enhance learning, providing a robust library of interactive presentation materials that help increase retention and build on student learning. 

For adult education programs, Boardworks offers an affordable, one-time purchase solution that will scale to meet the needs of your instructors and students year over year. It reduces the burden on overworked instructors, increases engagement through differentiated learning, and enables greater success across the board. Learn more about how Boardworks supports other Adult learning programs like Georgia Piedmont Technical College, or contact us to schedule a demo.