August 8, 2016


Empower your teachers with Boardworks

Maximize your technology



Used across hundreds of districts nationwide, Boardworks products are a one-off purchase that can transform your district's approach to learning and classroom technology.

Our existing technology is being better utilized because of Boardworks.

David Larson
Curriculum Director, Miami County Educational Service Center

Consistency across

your district


Built from individual state and Common Core State Standards, Boardworks resources comprehensively map to your curriculum and help standardize teaching across all schools, district-wide.

Boardworks resources also provide a familiar and common technology framework for K-12, giving you consistency in lesson delivery across your schools.

Boardworks has created coherence in the department. The product allows you to align it to your state-specific standards.

Steve Mihalitsis
Assistant Principal of Science & Technology, New Utrecht High School

It won’t matter which classroom you come into – you’re going to see Boardworks of some fashion, in every classroom, every day.

Chris Burrows
Superintendent, Georgetown Schools

Easy implementation across the district


Boardworks is a downloadable resource that is straightforward and easy to access for all teachers. The resources aren’t reliant on the internet for usage, and can be edited and personalized to seamlessly integrate with existing lesson plans.

  It’s user-friendly, works right out of the box and isn’t web-based, meaning it isn’t reliant on the availability of internet to utilize the product.

David Larson Curriculum Director, Miami County Educational Service Center

Increase classroom engagement


Provide your teachers with access to thousands of high quality, interactive animations and student-led activities to increase student participation and engagement across the district.

The interactive features, variety of subjects offered and overall quality of the content available made this one of the easiest curriculum decisions I have ever made.

Todd Bunch
Superintendent, Ninnekah Public Schools

Cost effective, one-time payment


When your district purchases Boardworks, you’re paying for a lifetime site license. There are no subscription fees, and once installed on your network, you can use it on every computer and device in the district.

  All the superintendents I spoke to said that Boardworks was a no-brainer as a purchase.

David Larson Curriculum Director, Miami County Educational Service Center