COVID-19: Update from Boardworks Education

Following the recent developments surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to let you know how we can support you through this uncertain period.

Firstly, we’re still here. We appreciate you will have lots of decisions to make in school currently, and we would like to reassure you that we have continuity planning in place to ensure our service to you remains consistent over the coming weeks. We are very aware the situation is constantly changing, and want to work with you to minimize disruption.

We have a robust and secure infrastructure that allows remote access so that our team can continue working to support you. This is a key part of our contingency planning to mitigate risk to you, our customers, our employees and our partners.

We hope you stay safe and well. If you have any questions, please review the FAQ below and feel free to contact us by calling 855-405-7939 or emailing


Can Boardworks be used to support teacher guided, distance-based learning for students studying at home?

Yes, teachers will have full access to all purchased K-12, standards aligned interactive content to support the delivery of teacher guided, engaging virtual lessons or videos through screen casting or video sharing platforms (Zoom, Google hangouts etc).

Do you provide any support or training to help teachers use Boardworks for distance-based learning?

We have a number of tech savvy, former teachers on staff who have prepared tutorial videos and are available for live webinar training to support implementation and answer any questions.

How quickly could we implement Boardworks for our teachers to support remote learning?

Boardworks is built by teachers for teachers, so our resources are highly effective and very easy to use.  There is no reason why teachers couldn’t be utilizing Boardworks within 48 hours of purchase.

What technology setup or requirements would be needed for teachers and students to use Boardworks remotely?

We appreciate there will be a wide variety of home technology setups and so we try to be a flexible as possible. The teacher will typically just need access to a Mac or PC. Instruction can be delivered to students via a home computer or smart phone using browser and app-based tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Vidyard. The slides can also be printed out for students as guided notes if they don’t have access to a smartphone or computer.

Are there any flexible payment options available for districts and schools who would like to implement Boardworks immediately?

Certainly. Our priority is to support effective teacher guided instruction through this difficult time. Please inquire about split payment or deferred payment options that would be available to your school or district.