While many claim that the worst is behind us, teachers are still feeling overworked and overextended. Even though things are starting to swing back to normal, teachers have more on their plate than ever before, but still the same amount of time to do it. Thoughtfully-designed curriculum supplements hold the key to unlocking efficient use of time in the classroom, which ultimately benefits both teachers and students. 

Following three school years of pandemic impacts, educators are tasked with leveling the playing field for students with diverse experiences and knowledge bases. Instead of having a normal workload during planning periods, teachers now devote their time to covering other classes and differentiating lessons to address diverse student needs.

EdTech Solutions Deserve a Second Look

One would think that technology would help alleviate these additional obligations. However, many teachers find that having too many new tools thrown at them actually compounds the problem. Instead of these new tools being helpful, teachers now have to learn how to navigate new platforms, troubleshoot student technology problems, and research the new products to make sure they align with content standards. Essentially, the push to add too many digital tools to the educator’s toolkit can add stress, having the opposite effect from what was intended.

With all of the new pop-up education technologies that have appeared since the pandemic, it can be a challenge for administrators to wade through the abundance of EdTech offerings on the market. Without a doubt, technology in the classroom is here to stay. However, it also has the potential to detract from student-teacher interactions when implemented poorly. 

Thousands of school districts successfully transition between classroom, hybrid, and virtual learning with Boardworks Education. Boardworks is always growing, improving, and expanding horizons. Since its inception in the early 2000s, Boardworks has evolved to provide refreshing digital resources that adapt to student and teacher needs. The Boardworks platform features a rich library of interactive lessons paired with intuitive design. 

What’s Boardworks Like From the Teacher’s Perspective?

In short – Boardworks is a gift for teachers. Navigating Boardworks comes naturally, and that is by design. Teachers simply go to their content areas and select the unit lesson they need. The slides in the lesson are not only ready for use on day one, but they’re also entirely customizable with endless opportunities for differentiation. The lessons have embedded opportunities for student practice, focused discussion, and demonstrations.

Having these turnkey education supplements, teachers spend less time creating and more time doing. Instead of worrying if the content aligns with the standards and if differentiation is within reach, with Boardworks, teachers are all set. Since the materials are shared through the teacher’s account, there’s no need to stress about keeping track of student logins.

In the event that a teacher cannot be with students (whether it is due to student or teacher absence or the necessity to have asynchronous learning), the teacher can share the lesson on any learning management system, and the student can pace themselves through the lesson. This is yet another of the many strengths of Boardworks. 

When a campus or district purchases Boardworks, everyone has access to all the lessons – all content, all grade levels. Math, science, English, and history are all included, and when Boardworks adds a new lesson, your school gets it too. Gone are the days of ‘busy work’ with a substitute. With all the time spent scrambling to get lesson plans ready for a substitute, imagine being able to have a great, content-rich lesson ready for students within seconds.

Boardworks supports teachers and classroom support professionals by providing cohesive and consistent materials across learning environments and districts. Because these fully-customizable turnkey resources are ready to use, teacher time is maximized in the classroom. Educators work hard; let us help you work hard on the things that matter. Consider reaching out to one of our support staff, or schedule a demo to see how Boardworks can help you make the most of instructional time.