As of 2021, 90% of middle and high schools report 1:1 access to devices for their students, and 84% of elementary schools say the same. Schools are largely shifting their energy to identify how to best utilize these technology resources moving forward. At the core of most technology implementation strategies is ensuring consistent usage. Not all instructional tools and curriculum supplements provide the same value and enrichment to educators and students. These are three steps that elevate teacher usage of instructional technologies for the betterment of learning outcomes.

Provide Support Beyond the First Days

The upgrades and purchases that are necessary to modernize the technology infrastructure of public schools are expensive. IT departments are navigating more than laptop purchases, printers, and internet service. Security monitoring, wireless hotspots, educational technology, and a never-ending collection of software subscriptions all contribute to the learning curve that comes with adopting new instructional technologies.

The number one way to ensure consistent usage of technology tools is to provide thorough and interactive training, and long-term support. Teachers have long reported that barriers to technology fluency limit the use of EdTech tools in the classroom. If teachers are not comfortable with the tools, they will seek a path of less resistance, and with good reason. With a set amount of instructional time every day, grading period, and school year, teachers know that there’s no time for messing around. 

The solution to the challenge of improving technology aptitude is to provide the best resource-specific training, coupled with long-term support. Boardworks supports schools, teachers, and students with staff that remains accessible indefinitely. In our experience, quality support can make or break the adoption of new instructional technologies.

Share the Impact of Technology Tools


Your school likely already has devices for students and teachers. But what good are investments in hardware without consistent and enriching use? The power of data and shared goals can increase teacher buy-in, and ease the stress of implementing change in the classroom. 

Emphasize how technology tools directly address existing challenges. Do your new tools make differentiating instruction less of an obstacle? Are there advantages over traditional tools such as PowerPoint or Slides? By setting realistic expectations and tangible goals, teachers will see the value in mastering your newest instructional supplements.

Emphasize the Value of Consistent, Turnkey Solutions

As students progress through their educational journey, progress is too often hampered by the mixed bag of textbooks, digital platforms and bookwork featured from one course to another. Alternating between the different rhythms of each class drains energy and motivation from many of our students, especially those already at a learning disadvantage. Improving resource consistency is a research-backed strategy that opens up opportunities for collaboration and improvement. 

Boardworks presents a turnkey solution for addressing consistency across courses and grade levels. Boardworks offers content where other EdTech providers have yet to venture, including math, science, history and so much more. Having students navigate from one Boardworks digital classroom to the next is a seamless transition. There’s no need for passwords or complicated logins. Ease of access and consistency across grade levels and subjects promotes enriched learning and discourages distraction.

Now that technology is at the forefront of teaching, educators can’t afford to misuse digital resources. Leverage existing technology to enhance instruction and empower students with Boardworks, a turnkey suite of interactive, customizable curriculum materials that are ready for action from day one.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Boardworks offers a multi-faceted solution to common obstacles facing 1:1 school districts. Interactivity, customization, consistency, and ease of access are just some of the many strengths of Boardworks classroom resources. Schedule a personalized demo to experience how Boardworks turn-key curriculum supports provide refreshing, aligned, and customizable content that ensures success in a 1:1 learning environment.