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Free animation on constructing the incenter of a triangle!

This animation demonstrates how to find the incenter of a triangle using a compass, ruler and pencil, involving constructing angle bisectors. It also asks your students to consider how the incenters of obtuse and acute triangles could be different.


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Free animation on completing the square

This free activity shows your students how the formula for completing the square is derived, with the help of a geometric diagram.

Take your students through the process for a quadratic expression with our easy to follow, step by step activity.


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Limitless practice for factoring quadratics: free activity

Use our random quadratic expression generator to produce an endless series of fresh equations for your class to practice with.

This activity will provide your students with valuable practice in factoring quadratic expressions in the form ax² + bx + c, including where a is negative. It presents a quadratic expression to factor, the answer to which is provided but covered. Students can then attempt to solve it themselves and can quickly see if they were correct.


Free presentation on cones!

The animations in this presentation will walk your class through how they can calculate the surface areas and volumes of cones and frustums.

They can then put these calculations into practice as the presentation walks them through three real life examples and challenges them to apply what they have learned.


Free worksheet on matching perpendicular lines!

matching perpendicular lines

Use this engaging mathematical practice sheet to help your students understand the equations of straight lines by finding values using their function, and working out a function using its values.