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Free poster on trigonometric identities!

LATEST FREE CONTENT: Free poster on trigonometric identities!

Do your students struggle to remember the different trigonometric identities? Look no further – our latest free poster is on just this topic!

Showing the key identities your students will need to learn, the poster provides helpful examples so your students can understand how these identities are applied mathematically as well as useful reminders of important trigonometric functions.

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Why not click here to order a free sample disc? With dozens more exciting activities to try out, the sample disc shows you how Boardworks can transform teaching and learning in your classroom.

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Free PowerPoint: Relations and functions

Free PowerPoint: Relations and functions

Introduce your students to the concepts behind relations and functions with this free presentation!

Full of all the Boardworks interactivity your students love to learn from, this PowerPoint runs through the basics of mathematical relations before moving on to functions. It contains a clear, dynamic activity introducing different types of relation as well as an interactive exercise on graphs of functions.

Download your relations and functions PowerPoint now – click the button below!


Free poster: 3-D shapes

Download our free 3-D shapes poster!

Brighten up your classroom walls with our brand-new poster on 3-D shapes.

A perfect visual reminder of the formulas needed to calculate the volume of different 3-D shapes, this colorful poster features labelled diagrams to help your students remember this key mathematical information.

Download the poster now! 


Cumulative frequency activity – try it out!

Looking for some great whole-class activities for use with your High School Math students? Then why not try out our cumulative frequency activity?

Giving your students the chance to put their modeling skills to the test, this activity challenges students to collect real-life data within the classroom and record it in an interactive cumulative frequency table.

Try out the cumulative frequency activity now, just click on the 'start' button.


Percentages – free exam flash cards!

Free exam flash cards

With finals season fast approaching, chances are you’re starting to think about how to encourage your students to make the most of the study time they still have available.

To support you in doing this, we’ve provided a free set of flash cards on percentages – so you can hand them out to your students as ready-made study materials!

These cards serve as helpful reminders of the ways in which we work with percentages – from how to write them to finding the original amount.

Download the flash cards now, just click on the link below!