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Free presentation about transversals!

We’re giving away a free High School Geometry presentation about transversals!

This presentation introduces parallel and perpendicular lines, and demonstrates the different angles formed by transversals. It features four interactive activities, including a summary activity that asks students to calculate the missing angles in a quilting pattern.

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Order a free sample disc!

Why not click here to order a free sample disc? With dozens more exciting activities to try out, the sample disc shows you how Boardworks can transform teaching and learning in your classroom.

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Free activity on quadratic inequalities!

Try our free activity on quadratic inequalities!

This interactive graph activity demonstrates the solution set of a quadratic inequality. Change the quadratic inequality to see the solution set change in front of you on the graph. Why not ask your students to draw their own predictions of what the solution set will look like before you reveal the answer on your interactive whiteboard?

Hover over the different parts of the equation below to change the quadratic inequality!


Free poster on the quadratic formula!

Brighten up your classroom with our free poster on the quadratic formula!

This poster breaks down and explains the different parts of the formula to ensure your students fully understand it, and provides a helpful visual reminder to display in your classroom!

Click on the button below to download the poster – then print and display in your classroom!


Negative and rational exponents: free worksheet and answer sheet!

Help your High School Algebra I students get to grips with negative and rational exponents with our free worksheet!

Mapped to Common Core specifications, this worksheet includes an activity asking students to match the reciprocal pairs, as well as questions requiring them to make their own calculations. We’ve also provided the accompanying answer sheet!

Click on the buttons below to download the worksheet and answer sheet!


Probabilities with spinners: free activity!

How confident are your students on probabilities? Test their knowledge with our free activity on calculating probabilities with spinners!

Ask students to change the number of sections on the spinner, then calculate the probability of the spinner landing on each color. Then click 'reveal' to check the answer and see if they were right!

Try out the activity below!