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Try out our free board game activity on quadratics!

We've made available a free board game activity on quadratics to play with your students this holiday season!

This competitive game is great for reviewing your students’ understanding of quadratic functions in an engaging and dynamic way. Place your students in teams, roll the dice and see which team wins by answering the most questions correctly!

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Order a free sample disc!

Why not click here to order a free sample disc? With dozens more exciting activities to try out, the sample disc shows you how Boardworks can transform teaching and learning in your classroom.

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Simplifying radicals: free try-it-out activity!

Make sure your students understand how to simplify radicals with this free activity!

This dynamic, engaging plenary activity asks your students to select the simplified version of the radical displayed. What’s more, you can reset the activity to generate a new set of radicals – so each of your students can have a go at answering!

Try out the activity below!


Free PowerPoint on using trigonometric ratios!

Build on the knowledge your students learned from our free poster on trigonometric identities (still available in our archive, below) with our latest free PowerPoint on using trigonometric ratios.

With six slides of modeling questions on a range of different problems, this presentation is the perfect way to help your students see the real-world applications of trigonometry.

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Free worksheet on the sine and cosine rules!

Give your students the chance to practice their knowledge of trigonometry with this free worksheet on the sine and cosine rules!

Covering a range of trigonometric skills, the worksheet includes a modeling question and is perfect as a plenary homework exercise. You can also download the accompanying answer sheet – completely free!

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Free poster on the Pythagorean Theorem!

Do your students struggle to remember the Pythagorean Theorem? If so, we’ve provided a free poster on this very subject!

The poster includes a helpful diagram to break down the formula in a clear and simple way. Click on the button below to download the poster, then pin it up in your classroom to help your students visualize and remember it!