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What is Boardworks?

Boardworks publishes educational software designed for whole-class teaching on interactive whiteboards and projectors, with a growing range of products covering science, math, English, history and languages for elementary, middle and high school teaching, including AP courses.

At Boardworks we believe that interactivity is the key to success in teaching and learning. Technology dominates the way students think and learn, and interactive teaching resources make for truly hands-on, interactive learning. That's why we pack our software full of the most creative multimedia activities, quizzes, games and animations – to engage, inspire and motivate your class.

The Perfect Teaching Tool

Maximize your students' potential with Boardworks' inspiringly interactive educational software. Our resources set a new standard for 21st century interactive learning because they are:

  • Reliable, up-to-date and matched to your individual state learning standards and Common Core standards to give you everything you need for your classes.
  • Ready-to-teach and easy-to-use, saving you precious preparation time.
  • Flexible and editable, giving you freedom and control over teaching materials, meaning that you can cater the resources to your students' needs, and for mixed ability classes.
  • Inspiringly interactive, packed full of  the most creative multimedia activities.

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